Tintern to Newchurch

Cross the main road past the abbey and walk up past St Anne's (once the outer gatehouse chapel). Turn left and walk along the back lane past the Beaufort Arms. Once past the hotel car park, bear right (waymarked for the Wye Valley Walk). At ST 53207 99827 the OS web site marks the Wye Valley Walk up the stony track ahead of you but it’s waymarked to the left, past the limekilns and up to Rudding Farm. This is a long way up to go down again. Better to stick to the track up hill ahead of you.This track is the Stony Way, built for the monks to provide access to their grange farms up the hill.

The track has been very eroded and overgrown, but it seems to be recovering. When you get out of the woods, the climb becomes less steep. At ST 52430 98865, there are stiles to left and right. Go right, walk up the field and cross another stile to a metalled road.

At ST 52350 98857 cross the metalled road, walk up the hedge to your right, and bear left across the next field to the stile into Penterry churchyard at ST 51945 98765 (see link below).

From the church, walk up to the metalled road at ST 51852 98675 and turn left. In 0.15 km, at ST 51840 98520, take a stony track to your right. At ST 51562 98537 the main track goes right to a cottage. Keep straight on and into the forest. At ST 51347 98470 the forest road divides. Take the left fork, then at ST 51255 98312 bear left again up a hollow lane between massive stone walls. Leave the woods by the waymarked stile at ST 51237 98167. Bear right and walk to a gate in the far hedge, then walk along the hedge to your right.

At ST 50675 97875 turn left on the metalled road then right along a stony track. Bear right with the track and walk round the slope. (The big farm below you is on the site of Tintern's Rogerstone Grange, and the reservoir was once a holy well.)

When the stony track goes left into the field, keep straight on. At ST 50160 97395 bear right into the forest. Take the second track to the left. At ST 49705 97567 tthe tracks divide. Take the left fork (effectively straight on). At ST 49445 97782 the track bends to the left and you cross a small stream. It’s worth walking up the bank ahead of you to look down over the reservoir, now a very pretty pond. The forest road curves gently to the right. In about 1.5 km at ST 48250 97952 turn left and walk down to cross the road.

Take the minor road ahead of you. At the crossroads at ST 47967 97985 go straight on ,down hill and up a steep slope past a farm called Ty Bettws. It looks like an extended long house and the name ‘Bettws’ means a place of prayer or a hermitage. At ST 47342 98157, at the top of the slope, where the metalled road turns right, take the lane to the left. You are now on the line of the old pilgrimage route from London to St David’s. At ST 47145 97927 the track divides. Take the very muddy fork to the right and walk on to the metalled road.

From here you can walk along the road to Newchurch. There are off-road alternatives, but the road runs along a ridge with magnificent views to either side.

Tintern to Newchurch

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