Cat’s Ash to Llantarnam

From Cat’s Ash the Usk Valley Walk follows the road for a little over a mile. At ST 35652 90630, under the first line of pylons and just before the lake on the Celtic Manor golf course, turn right and follow the waymarks over the golf course and down through the trees. You are now on the line of an even earlier road, the Roman road from Chepstow to the great fortress of Caerleon and on to Cardiff and Carmarthen.

At ST 34758 90252, at the bottom of the hill, turn left on the metalled road and walk through Bulmore (site of a huge Roman cemetery) then turn right along Isca Road and right again to cross the bridge into Caerleon.Walk up the main road and turn left just before the green. Walk past the old university campus and take the third road to the left, Lodge Hill.

At ST 32496 91370 a bridleway goes straight on from the end of the road through the garden of Lodge Hill Farm, but it is very steep and overgrown. Better to turn left when the tarmac runs out and walk along the ramparts of the great hill fort of Lodge Hill. The track goes into some trees and a path goes up to the right, through the ramparts and down a defensive ditch. Cut across the network of tracks on the other side and make your way downhill to a stile in the forest edge at ST 32159 91520.

Walk across the field, through the yard of Park Farm and down the lane. When the lane bends to the right, go straight on along the edge of the fields. The footpath becomes a very overgrown hollow way: you will probably have to stay to the left of the fence and eventually scramble over it to go through a gate and along the track to Pen-y-Parc.

At ST 31126 92247, just before the farm buildings, the footpath is waymarked through a gate to your left. It has been diverted to cross the field to a stile at the far left corner at ST 30959 92497. Turn left and walk along the metalled road and across the bridge over the dual carriageway. The road bypasses the private grounds of Llantarnam Abbey and takes you to Croes-y-mwyalch, the beginning of the Llantarnam-Penrhys route.

If you have permission to visit the abbey (the nuns welcome visitors and offer retreats and accommodation for pilgrims), immediately after the bridge, take the waymarked path to your right and walk across the field to a kissing gate. This brings you to the drive of Llantarnam Abbey. From here another right of way goes left just before the underpass and takes you round a modern housing estate and into the churchyard at Llantarnam.

Cat’s Ash to Llantarnam

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