Bedd Porius

The grave of an early Christian.

Bedd Porius

This stone records the burial place of Porius. The inscription is difficult to decipher and interpret. It could be 'Porius hic in tumulo iacit. Homo planus fuit' (Porius lies in this tomb. He was a plain man. 'Planus' might even mean 'flat-faced' - was he a leper?) Or the inscription might possibly be 'Porius in hoc tumulo iacit. Homo [x]pianus fuit' - 'he was a Christian'. Describing him as a Christian suggests that was unusual in his time.

The original of the stone is now in the National Museum in Cardiff. A replica stands in its original location on the bleak moorland east of Trawsfynydd and the Roman road, at OS ref. 732 313.

More about Bedd Porius on the Celtic Inscribed Stones Project web site and on Howard Williams's Archaeodeath blog.

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